GUARD is looking for a few new members, who we feel will  help our group grow. If you would like to apply to become a member of GUARD, fill out the form in full. If you would like to become a satellite member, fill out the form in full but answer the first question in the drop down window's.

You must agree to abide by GUARDS rules, read before applying.

1. You will under no circumstance falsify information or evidence. 2. You will understand that GUARD respects the privacy of our clients, and will never release any information or evidence without permission from the Founder of GUARD. 3. While investigating you will perform in a professional manner and you will be held responsible for your actions. 4. You will be required to make 2 investigations a year, and if you are unable to attend an investigation you must email the Case Manger within one week before the investigation. 5. If you are a satellite member you may be called to assist on an investigation at any time, the same rule applies for a satellite member just as for a full time member. 6. You will be required to help in the setting up of equipment and follow the Lead Field Investigator/Tech Instructor or Founder. 7. You must be 18 years of age. 8. If you apply to become a full time member you must make a commitment to stay with the group for no less then 2 years. 9. You can not be a member of another paranormal group, that will have conflicting interest. If you are, you must resign from GUARD or you can be removed.  (If you can't follow these rules you need not apply.) If you do apply our Case Manager will call you for a interview. By filling out this form you will not hold GUARD and its members responsible if you are turned down. If turned down, your form will be on file for two years and you need not re-apply again until then. If GUARD finds any part of your information on this form false, GUARD will reject it without notice. All forms are put on file and GUARD will review each  person's application however once we reach 10 members, all applications will be numbered in the order recieved. Once we need a new member, the next application will be pulled from the file to be interviewed again. If our group expands, your application will be pulled also from the file to be reinterviewed. You can apply for satellite membership at any time, we are taking an unlimited number and if you would like to become a full time member, specify on the application.




Guard Founder and Case Manager will look at all cases to see what would be the number of investigators needed for a case. You must have a car or transportation and must be age 18 to be full-time member.

  1. No member will show up on a case without first having the Case Manager approving it first, that way the number of investigators will not get out of hand. If possible GUARD will also request the building owner to keep guest to one or them alone.

  2. There will be no outside guest on an investigation without the approval of the Founder of GUARD or the Case Manager.

  3. We will keep the number of investigators for most cases to 7 or 8, with 6 main investigators who will be full time investigators. If one of the 6 can?t make the case we will then fill the spot from our list of  Satellite  investigators.  

  4. If you don?t contact the Case Manager when you are requested to come on a case to let the Case Manger know that you cannot make the case within 48hrs, your name will be moved to the bottom of the contact list. If you also say that you can make the case but do not show up, your name will be moved to the bottom of the contact list. We have to know who is coming and who is not. By not contacting the Case Manager you could prevent another member from possibly coming on a case.

  5. If the location is large and we need more investigators than 8, the list will be used. ?Remember? by not contacting the Case Manager when requested for a investigation, could prevent you from coming on a case for some time. Full-time members will be contacted first over satellite members.

  6. The rules were set in place to keep the member of investigators on any case to a reasonable number so we don?t contaminate possible evidence.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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